JODI THEME Tambola Ticket

I hope you All know how to Play Tambola , lets Quickly cover divedents of this Tambola Ticket.

But First Lets Download Tambola Number Application and Play Tambola with this Application (Made in INDIA Application) and Do not forget to Rate 5 Star

?‍❤‍? 7 vachan of pati- Early 7 in pati block
?‍❤‍? 7 vachan of patni- Early 7 in patni block
?‍❤‍? Sweethearts- middle column of pati + middle column of patni
?‍❤‍? Nok jhok- highest and lowest number in pati+ highest and lowest number in patni
?‍❤‍? Loving jodi- 1st column of pati + 1st column of patni
?‍❤‍? Caring Jodi- 3rd column of pati + 3rd column of patni
Major dividends
?‍❤‍?‍? Pati parmeshwar- all numbers in pati block. Rs.
?‍❤‍?‍? Patni saubhagyawati- all numbers in patni block. كيف تربح المال من الإنترنت Rs.
?‍❤‍?‍? Rab ne bana di jodi- all numbers in both pati patni together.

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