How to Find AAID or GAID of your Android Device

Please follow these steps to find your GAID (Google Advertising ID). It might also be referred to as an AAID (Android Advertising ID). Note that the exact steps may differ depending on your device and operating system. كيفية لعب بينجو If you can’t figure out the steps for your particular device, please email and we’ll try to help!

Note: If you are interested in your GAID because you want to request that a company look up and/or delete your personal data, do not use the “Reset advertising ID” button until you’ve written down, taken a screenshot of, or otherwise remembered your current GAID. The “Reset advertising ID” button gives you a brand new GAID, but companies will have your personal data recorded under your old GAID and won’t be able to find your data if you don’t know what your old AAID was!

Steps to Find AAID or GAID

Step 1


Step 2:-


Find and click Ads. Your GAID /AAID is shown on this page. It might be called “Your advertising ID” or something similar. قانون البوكر


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