Generations of Mobile technology

  • 1G, the first generation of telecom networks (1979), let us talk to each other and be mobile
  • 2G digital networks (1991) let us send messages and travel (with roaming services)
  • 2.5G and 2.75G brought some improvement to data services (GPRS and EDGE)
  • 3G (1998) brought a better mobile internet experience (with limited success)
  • 3.5G brought a truly mobile internet experience, unleashing the mobile apps eco-system
  • 4G (2008) networks brought all-IP services (Voice and Data), a fast broadband internet experience, with unified networks architectures and protocols
  • 4 G LTE ( for Long Term Evolution), starting in 2009, doubled data speeds
  • 5G networks expand broadband wireless services beyond mobile internet to IoT and critical communications segments

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