Fathers Day Special Theme Tickets

How to Play Tambola with these Tickets

I hope you All know how to Play Tambola , lets Quickly cover divedents of this Tambola Ticket.

But First Lets Download Tambola Number Application and Play Tambola with this Application (Made in INDIA and Made by Indian Application 😉 )

Lets Quickly Cover Dividends

1 The spectacles :- when Number present on the spectacles are Called Out

2) Right mustache :- When Numbers present on the Right mustache are Called Out

3) Left mustache :- When Numbers present on the Left mustache are Called Out

4) Muche ho to Nathu Lal Jesse :- When Numbers Present on the mustache are Called Out

5) The Tie :- When Number Present on the TIE are Called Out

6 FULL House :- I LOVE DAD

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